8 thoughts on “Visitor Book for St Marks!

  1. Nick Straw says:

    Good sermon on Sunday I thought. For all you stay-in-your-beds, it was all about contemplative prayer, which is the sort that involves acres of silence rather than ‘prayers’. Mind you, the moment I close my eyes in an effort to spend time with God, my brain invariably takes the opportunity of going into hyper drive and flooding me with thoughts which range from urgent DIY jobs that need doing round the house, to my latest purchases on Amazon; either that or I shut down completely and doze off! Any clues as to how to do contemplative prayer, much appreciated!

    1. Alex says:

      Nick, we hope to have Sally Dakin, the wife of the Bishop of Winchester, and herself ordained, leading a session on this very subject later in the year.

  2. Anne says:

    Excellent website, easy to find information about lots of activities going on at St Mark”s church.

    1. Paul Young says:

      Thank you Anne; if there are any tweaks or recommendations you can make to improve on anything however, please let me know!

  3. ingrid Bolhoven says:

    Well done Paul on an excellent website. The content is of such a high standard, I think I shall struggle to achieve anything quite so eloquent and beautifully written. I am still finding my way around the different headings, and navigation; so for the moment I shall enjoy reading your excellent contributions, and hopefully, those of others. Ingrid.

  4. Christine Scott says:

    Paul , the website just keeps on improving week after week .

  5. Mary Nicholson says:

    Having been away for Christmas and New year. I have enjoyed being able to browse through some of the events that I missed.
    Great website.
    Thank you

  6. Nick Straw says:

    Love the new look web page. Really easy on the eye and engaging. Someone’s being doing some overtime!

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