Thoughts from the Churchyard

A cold start to a day that would later turn into a sunny one; what a contrast to the previous day’s hail, wind and rain.
Our small team spent the morning gathering up all the fallen branches and had a fast burning bonfire which took care of the debris. There was a Robin busy flying around looking for grubs where we had cleared. A carpet of crocus, primroses and daffodils plus a few snowdrops still hanging on. The flower border has presented us with a long display of daffodils and now some crocus and primroses. If anyone has any of the small Tete a Tete daffodils, now gone over, we can find a home for them, plus any primrose rootlets or any you are dividing up. We can then put them in the bank near to the flagpole. The daffodils, recently planted under the trees are now out as are the purple crocus kindly donated by the Rotarians. They have struggled I think due to the late cold spell this year.

We talked of plans for the planting, caring for the churchyard, and looking forward to warmer days and all that we would do. It would encourage us if people, especially from our church, would pop in occasionally to have a look round and see what we were doing and share our ideas. An encourager is someone who cares for others in a positive way, which is what we are exhorted to do. It’s your churchyard too, and we want to share it with you.

Best wishes from the Churchyard Team

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