Night vs Day: reshaped by God a sermon from 16th June 2019

Why should we settle for recreating ourselves with one more possession, hope, ambition? All the time, Jesus is dying to give us a new life - one we can't create for ourselves. Can we not instead find Jesus in the darkness of our lives - and in the night time wake anew to a new life with Christ?

Jesus: love in the face of fear

Crucifiers Cross
It's Good Friday. Today, we remember Jesus, and his journey to the cross. Pádraig Ó Tuama writes: “For me, Good Friday is the holiest day of the year. Not because of any worth in another brutal murder from another brutal occupying force. But because of the witness of a life lived with courage, even in the face of Roman torture. There are only two languages, Leunig says, love and fear." Jesus life is a story of love in the face of fear. I know that our story of today is about God and his saving grace through Jesus. As we gather at the foot of the cross today, I want to remind you of Jesus...