Easter Day: a sermon from 21st April 2019

From our Evensong service on Easter Sunday and it's great news! Christ is risen and we have the promise of eternal life, called personally by name by Jesus. We are each called, we are known by Jesus. How often however do we not see what Jesus is doing for us, not seeing that he is there - and thus assume we're walking alone? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8ZnVTXwpv4

An Easter Yes

An empty tomb
I think most people reading these thoughts will have experienced loss. Be it a friend, a family member, a pet, the loss of someone close is not a trivial thing: we mourn. Mourning isn’t something we humans alone do; our pets mourn too. The film “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale” is a beautiful film, and even the strongest, manliest man will have a ‘bit of dust’ in their eye – it’s not tears, honest – throughout the film. A film which recounts the true story of the dog Hachikō, a dog so loyal to his master that upon the death of his master, the dog would continue to wait over nine years for him, until the d...