Services at St Marks

Our Sunday morning services follow the same pattern each week:

  • 8am – ‘Said’ Holy Communion according to the Book of Common Prayer
  • 9:30am – (All Sunday’s, barring the third Sunday of the month): Family Communion; a ‘sung’ service with hymns and a sermon, with a quiet play area available for children.
    • On the third Sunday of the month, we hold an informal ‘Morning Praise’ service

In the evenings our services are as follows:

  • On the 1st Sunday of each month – 6pm – Evensong with Act of Healing (in place of the evening sermon)
  • On the 3rd Sunday of each month – 6pm – Evensong (with sermon)

Please note, there is no evening service at St Marks on the 2nd, 4th or 5th Sunday of the month

On Wednesday mornings, we hold a traditional communion service at 11:30am

Services - 6pm