#SayOneForMe: prayer in the community from 5th June 2019

On a Wednesday evening between Ascension and Pentecost, members of St Mark’s and St Thomas’ churches came together in Pennington, to ask those going about their evening in the centre of the village if we could pray for them. Some said “yes” – and in a special service later that evening, we brought these prayers before God.

If we reached only one with a seed of what a Christ led life can mean, then the goal is worthy: as who knows how many more in turn that individual may reach?

One thought on “#SayOneForMe: prayer in the community from 5th June 2019

  1. Christine Scott says:

    Wonderful to see you all saying prayers for the people in Pennington .Let’s hope w can repeat it soon and we get an even bigger response . Well done all of you !

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