Ramblings on St Mark’s Day

I gleaned this interesting story from a recent copy of the Church Times, and thought I would share it with you.

Winged Lion

The winged lion; the symbol of St Mark

St Mark is this particular writer’s favourite Saint, whose symbol is the winged lion, and whose capital is Venice. He was reputed to be the young man who ran away naked when Christ was arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane, when the priests grabbed his garments. (I have long wondered who this ‘naked’ person in the story was and the role he played). The story goes on to say that it was St Mark and his cousin Barnabas who accompanied Paul on his first missionary journey, although they turned back at Pergamon.

Other links to St Mark is the story about the Fritallaria or snake’s head lily, named after the dice box that every Roman soldier carried with him, and that they shook to see who should get Christ’s seamless robe at Calvary. I have these lovely plants growing in my garden, and we have just one of them in the churchyard. (Not a true native in our garden, and one which prefers wet areas, such as the water meadows in Oxford).

St Mark's fly

St Mark’s fly

Also, out in the churchyard garden is the St Mark’s sedge, which grows abundantly all round the area. They are small, stubby little plants, and nearly always out in time for our Patronal Festival. Also St Mark’s fly usually appears about now. It is unmistakable in that it has long legs and the male hovers under the canopy of the trees while the female just hangs around underneath not doing much! They are short lived and are quite harmless.


One thought on “Ramblings on St Mark’s Day

  1. Christine Scott says:

    I love the Weekly Update from St. Marks. Well done Paul for all the hard work you put into it .
    I also enjoy the thoughts written by Ingrid.
    Keep up the good work , Christine

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