A church is more than a building: it’s the people, sharing a common belief and love of Christ.  St Marks relies on all of of her members – especially those who lead, organise and manage the day to day running of our church.

Church Staff

Rachel Noël
Priest in Charge
Priest in Charge, PCC (Chair), Standing Committee, Worship Committee (Chair)
Anne Elliott
Associate Priest
Associate Priest, PCC, Standing Committee, Buildings Committee, Friendship Lunch (Organiser), Health and Safety, Pennington Good Neighbours, Safeguarding, Worship Committee
Teresa Nivison
Churchwarden, PCC (Vice Chair, Treasurer), Standing Committee, Buildings Committee (Chair), Draw Club (Organiser), Finance and Stewardship (Chair), Friendship Lunch (Organiser), Health and Safety, Pennington Good Neighbours (treasurer), Safeguarding, Worship Committee
Phillip Attwood
Licenced Lay Minister
Licenced Lay Minister, PCC, Finance and Stewardship, Health and Safety, Pennington Good Neighbours (chair), Safeguarding (Safeguarding Officer, Chair)
Paul Young
Worship Leader
Worship Leader, Data Controller, Magazine Editor and Advertising, PCC, Publicity and Marketing Team
Sandy Negrescu
Worship Leader
Worship Leader, PCC, Deanery Synod, Messy Church (Leader), Worship Committee
Christine Scott
PCC, Health and Safety
Diane Tapper
Electoral Roll Officer, PCC, Pennington Good Neighbours, Pennington Poppets
Dorothy Davies
Strictly Come Crafting, PCC, Events Committee
Eve Jolly
PCC (Secretary)
PCC (Secretary), Standing Committee (Secretary), Buildings Committee, Churchyard Group (Secretary), Events Committee (Secretary), Publicity and Marketing Team (Secretary), Worship Committee (Secretary)
Maureen Barnard
PCC (Assistant Treasurer)
Gift Aid Secretary, PCC (Assistant Treasurer), Deanery Synod, Standing Committee, Events Committee (Chair), Finance and Stewardship, Pennington Good Neighbours (Secretary)
Pat Wright
Traidcraft, PCC
Shirley Saunders
Deanery Synod
Community Hall Manager, PCC, Deanery Synod
Leigh Jerwood
Director of Music
Director of Music, Worship Committee
Jackie Paul
Parish Administrator
Parish Administrator, Buildings Committee (Secretary), Finance and Stewardship (Secretary), Health and Safety (Officer, Secretary), Safeguarding (Secretary)