My journey through Lent

Ingrid in Jordan

Ingrid Bolhoven, cooling her feet in the Jordan

Having been in Jordan for Holy Week in 2014, I determined to make more time for the Lenten period this year, which turned out to be a thought provoking journey.  Armed with an insightful book on Lent readings, prayers and reflections, I spent more time than usual reading from scripture and finding that all important space and time for silence each day.  All helped by attending a Lent course and our own church services, it was such a blessing on Good Friday to be able to attend the three hour Vigil in St Thomas’ Church, so beautifully led by Bishop Jonathan who was in Lymington for Holy Week.  To get the full benefit of that day I found the three hours was essential to fully understand the message of that service.  Not something we are often able to do.

Those three days leading up to Easter were portrayed in different ways.  Maundy Thursday was a day for sharing with other people and our Holy Communion service. in the evening.  Good Friday was quiet and reflective with our own service before St Thomas’ Vigil, all very emotional and sad too and finally sharing prayers with our Street Pastors, into the late evening.  I find this such an honour and joy in being able to spend time with other Christians who have helped me enormously on my journey.  Saturday was the most difficult day for me, such an emptiness.  I kept wondering where was God with a feeling of near abandonment.  So when Easter morning broke it was wonderful to be joyful and know that the Lord had risen and I could ‘get back to normal’.  However, I hadn’t expected the downturn after all the preparation and involvement.  To my mind, this is where it would be good to spend time with committed Christians each day, sharing together, but sadly, it doesn’t often happen, and we return to our former ways and all the busyness of life.

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