Donkey Derby and Dog Show

Having attended the recent Donkey Derby on Pennington Common on the 30th July ably organised by the Pennington Residents Association, I would like to say a big thank you to all involved. Those of us who help in whatever way organising events at St Mark’s know the importance of working together as a team. There was a good mix of entertainment, appealing to many from Pennington and beyond. Blessed with good weather, families and friends enjoyed the donkey races and the well attended dog show. Good forward planning, and advertising, with programmes for sale in the shops, must have added to the coffers.

I was delighted to read of Eric Light’s remarks of working together with St Mark’s and the Pennington WI in future. I for one will look forward to this liaison, bringing mutual benefit to the residents of Pennington. Thank you for putting Pennington back on the map.

With thanks to Renouf Design for kindly allowing us to share their photographs: copies can be purchased from Renouf Design directly, with proceeds going back to the Pennington Residents Association.

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