Baptism and Confirmation


Baptism at St Marks

We are pleased to offer baptism at St Mark’s Church.

For those from birth, up to the age of twelve years, baptism takes place on the second Sunday of the month (at 11am) and on the fourth Sunday of the month (as a part of our 9:30am morning praise service). For those above twelve years, baptism and confirmation are offered together, and take place within a confirmation service at which the Bishop presides. These services happen at various locations around the Diocese, once or twice each year.

If you would like your child to be baptised at St Mark’s, don’t delay – we get very booked up!

The first step is to contact us on 01590 672896 – or through our contact page.

It’s never too soon to start choosing godparents for your child. If your child is a girl, she needs a minimum of two godmothers and one godfather; if a boy, two godfathers and one godmother are required. (It’s fine to have more than this if you prefer.) All godparents have to fulfill a legal requirement regarding their own baptism (sometimes called ‘christening’), so please check this with them: have they been baptised in the Church of England, Roman Catholic Church, Methodist, Baptist or United Reformed churches? If so, we will be delighted to accept them as godparents for your child.

The church makes a minimal charge for the administrative duties behind the sacrament of baptism, and you would receive a baptism certificate: a useful legal document for your child’s future, and cards for the godparents, a wonderful way to both remember the day itself, and encourage and help them in their responsibilities to their godchild.

Alternatively, we can offer a thanksgiving service for friends and family to welcome a child into their lives; click here for further details.