Jesus: love in the face of fear

Crucifiers Cross
It's Good Friday. Today, we remember Jesus, and his journey to the cross. Pádraig Ó Tuama writes: “For me, Good Friday is the holiest day of the year. Not because of any worth in another brutal murder from another brutal occupying force. But because of the witness of a life lived with courage, even in the face of Roman torture. There are only two languages, Leunig says, love and fear." Jesus life is a story of love in the face of fear. I know that our story of today is about God and his saving grace through Jesus. As we gather at the foot of the cross today, I want to remind you of Jesus...

A thought for January: A New Year’s Revolution?

By the time you read this, I’m sure quite a few New Year’s Resolutions will have been made and broken. Not so much the ones like “lose weight” or “eat more fruit” which can’t really be judged in the short term, but certainly the make-or-break ones like “stop smoking”. That’s because resolutions require resolve! It’s not enough just to have a feeling that something would be a good idea – resolutions must spring from deep within us where our willpower wrestles with the force of habit and our fondness for instant gratification. Will power must also battle with inertia, and impatience – ...