A Trip to Wisley

After much planning and with thanks to Jackie our Administrator, Teresa, and John for looking after the car parking, Saturday the 6th May had finally come and we all arrived well on time to board the coach for our Church and Friends outing to RHS Wisley.  We had a pleasant and unencumbered journey to Wisley: once through the gates the majority of us split into two groups with two friendly guides taking us round the gardens on a very interesting one and a half hour tour.

We heard how the RHS began in 1903 and how it evolved and is still doing so today with a massive upgrading of some of the buildings and gardens.  The Azaleas, Peonies and Wisteria were magnificent, as seen in the photos Erika and I took.   I took advantage of the RHS Free Advice Desk for members in the Plant Centre and had a couple of plants identified.  The RHS does much in education circles, especially with young people, and a career in Horticulture, in varying areas, is very worthwhile and worthy of investigation – but then I am biased as my Danish Grandfather trained at Kew Gardens, and the interest has passed down through our family to each generation.

Enjoy the photos and if an opportunity arises, Wisley is worth a visit any time of the year  to witness the unfolding of each glorious season.