A reflection on entering 2016

Hi Family and Friends

A few thoughts as this year draws to a close which I would like to share with you. We have so many gifts and I felt it the right time to cast our mind back on this year’s events, where others are not so fortunate.

Of course we will never solve all the problems of the world, and we don’t need to be dwelling on misery, but I think it time for us to take stock of the world situation and the part we play in today’s society. We have a strong sense of justice, based on sound foundations.

No doubt there will be much celebrating, with the usual fireworks and amazing displays, and all that goes with welcoming in the New Year. I can’t find it in myself to join in with these celebrations, being constantly reminded of the tragic events of 2015. Of all the thousands who have died while searching to escape from tyranny in their own countries, and those who survived, now suffering deprivation, in squalid conditions, enduring the vagaries of the winter weather, lack of clothing, food, medicine and security.

I feel it is time to stop and just be still, and pray for all who have suffered and will do so for the foreseeable future. Out of tragedy, come ordinary caring people like you and me, who give their time to help bring aid, food, medicine and comfort, in a spirit of fellowship. We have seen this in our own country with the storms and floods that have rendered so many homeless.

So I will be praying for peace in our hearts, in our families and communities and in the world, making a difference to all our lives in working together for the common good. I am speaking to various beliefs or none, so won’t enter a deep theological discussion, but wish you peace, good health and a happy New Year.

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